KWEZI is a South African comic book created by Loyiso Mkize about a young city dweller who discovers one day that he has super powers. Imbued with flight, super strength and indestructibility, he initially doesn't use his powers for good and becomes a bit of a braggart seeking fame. But soon, with the aid of some new companions, KWEZI begins to learn the truth about his "star power" and journey he must take towards his destiny . 

Publisher: New Africa Books

Languages: English, French, Sesotho, isiXhosa, isiZulu

Formats: Paper Back, Ebooks

Collectors Edition 1

 Kwezi is the classic young hero in a coming of age tale who tends to deal with his own insecurities by being a braggart. Kwezi is based in Gold City, a stand-in for Johannesburg, South Africa.
Self-aware and nuanced, Kwezi compares with Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker’s Invincible in terms of a teen hero and the theme of responsibilities of family, friends and civilization.

Collectors Edition 2  

The African superhero is back! In this edition, Kwezi hones his superhuman abilities and accepts that his powers are to be used to save his homeland from evil forces. To accurately reflect Kwezi’s world and that of potential Readers, the comic’s dialogue is peppered with street slang and pop culture references that place the story in a familiar context for young South Africans.

Collectors Edition 3  

Gold city is in for a big surprise! Mr Mpisi and his cohorts have met secretly to devise a plot to undo the rise of Kwezi and the superhero phenomena. They unleash Mamadou, a raging giant from the hidden land of the hyena to wreak havoc in the city centre. With Mohau and Khoi still in inter-dimensional travel, and Kwezi yet to gain new insights and powers back home, all is left to an introspective Azania to protect the city.
Will the cunning Mr Mpisi’s elaborate plan succeed in furthering his dark cause? Will Azania’s heroism win out? Will Kwezi and the others return in time to aid Azania and defend the city from the ever tightening grip of the megalomaniac, Mr Mpisi?

Collectors Edition  4